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Local 18 hole golf courses Chicago pro shops near you

You will hopefully be learning quite a bit about the local Chicago golf scene over the next few minutes. Courses, stores, driving ranges, Topgolf, and miniature golf in your area will all be covered as this blog moves forward.

With that said the best public and private golf courses near you have to kick us off since they are the star of the show. Once they have been discussed in detail the best golf stores to buy new clubs, bags, balls, tees, apparel, and any other gear you might need will get a mention.


Chicago golf driving ranges and putting greens are great for when you need to get some practice swings in. Then we will give a shout out to both Topgolf and miniature golf courses in town if they apply.

Don’t leave before you see our map towards the conclusion that will help you figure out which courses and venues are closest to your current area. Anyone that is interested is welcome to check out our other posts on the Midwest right there.

Best Golf Courses In Chicago

When you want to play at one of the best public and private golf courses in Chicago head to:

Harborside International Golf Center features an 18-hole par 72 course which covers 7,164 yards and has a 74.8 course rating and 136 slope rating.

Jackson Park Golf Course opened in 1993 and has 18 holes, a par of 70, 65.7 course rating, 109 slope rating, and 5,508 total yards.

The Beverly Country Club and Bowes Creek Country Club have private 18-hole golf courses near you that have pars of 71, course ratings of 74.2 and 73.2, slope ratings of 137 and 142, and lengths of 7,016 and 6,917 yards.

Phillips Park Golf Course and Inwood Golf Course have 18 holes with lengths of 6,200 and 6,196 yards for pars of 71 plus course ratings of 69.8 and 70.1 and slope ratings of 121 and 131 respectively.

Orchard Valley Golf Course and Springbrook Golf Course are local 18-hole par 72 courses with 5,424 and 6,908 total yards, 72.4 and 73.1 course ratings, and 134 slope ratings.

Many people have been playing at Woodruff’s 18-hole par 68 course since 1923 which has a total length of 6,424 yards, 66.1 course rating, and 114 slope rating.

A fun 9-hole par 36 course with a length of 3,628 yards can be found at White Eagle Golf Club which opened in 1986.

Elgin Country Club opened in 1901 and offers a private 18-hole par course which covers 6,450 yards with a 72.2 course rating, 133 slope rating, and a par of 71.

Arrowhead and Buffalo Grove have 18-hole courses with 72.6 and 71.5 course ratings, 133 and 120 slope ratings, and total lengths of 6,643 and 6,892 yards for pars of 72.

Another 18-hole par 72 course with a length of 7,055 yards, course rating of 74.3, and slope rating of 143 is also featured at Cantigny which opened in 1989.

Canal Shores Golf Course first opened in 1919 and has 18 holes for a total length of 3,612 yards with a course rating of 59.1, slope rating of 92, and a par of 68.

Anyone that is searching for where to take the best golf lessons in your area should consider starting their search at one of the above as most should have PGA certified trainers on staff.

Best Local Golf Stores

You will be able to buy new clubs, balls, bags, apparel, or anything else at one of these golf stores:

All types of golf equipment like clubs and accessories are available at Ace Pro Golf Shop. The Fitting Lab provides custom golf club fittings and repairs in your area and has state of the art simulators where you can practice your swing.

With more than 50,000 hittable head and shaft combinations Club Champion ensures that you are playing excellent clubs for your game. They offer over 50 different brands including PXG and have all sorts of custom club fittings.

New and used clubs, balls, and accessories as well as rental services are provided at the great local pro shop Midwest Golf Supply.

Play It Again Sports is an all around sporting goods store where you can buy or sell new and used golf clubs, bags, balls, tees, and more.

Driving Ranges & Indoor Simulators

Best golf courses Chicago driving ranges your area

These driving ranges and indoor simulators near you are the perfect place to step up your game:

Diversey Driving Range and Oakton Driving Range are outdoor driving ranges, while Five Iron Golf and Score 18 offer indoor golf simulators.

Anyone that wants to take the best golf lessons near you can do so at Diversey Driving Range, Oakton Driving Range, Five Iron Golf and Score 18. Plus most of the local courses we mentioned should also have PGA certified trainers on staff who can also give good lessons.

Topgolf In Your Area

There is Topgolf in Chicago over in Naperville at 3211 Odyssey Court.

Miniature Golf Near You

Have some fun without all of the stress at one of these miniature golf courses in your area:

All of the above feature some very fun 18-hole miniature golf courses in the Chicago metro area.

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Enjoy Golfing In Chicago

For the time being that is all we have to share but we will be back to update this page often. After learning about the best public and private golf courses, local shops, driving ranges, practice putting greens, Topgolf, and miniature golf courses in your area you should be ready for whatever comes next.

Go ahead and let us know if we got anything wrong or if anything we posted has become dated in the comments. Now go have fun playing golf in Chicago.

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