Best Moscow Golf Courses, Stores, Driving Ranges & More

Local 18 hole golf courses Moscow pro shops near you

Today we will be breaking down the Moscow golf scene. Courses, stores, driving ranges, Topgolf, and miniature golf in your area will all be discussed in full detail as this post goes along.

With that said we can’t come up with a better way to get this going than by listing the best public and private golf courses near you. They are the star of the show and deserve the top billing.


After they have been covered we will move on to the best local golf stores to buy new clubs, bags, balls, tees, apparel, and whatever other gear you might need. Then we will get into Moscow golf driving ranges and putting greens for when you want to get some practice in.

Our final two things to mention will be about Topgolf and miniature golf courses in the area. We suggest that you stick around for the map towards the end so that you can figure out where all these courses and other spots are located.

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Best Golf Courses In Moscow

The best public and private golf courses in Moscow would be:

Skolkovo Golf Club is private and has an 18-hole course with a 75 course rating, 143 slope rating, and a length of 6,460 yards for a par of 72.

Pestovo is a semi private golf club near you that has an 18-hole course with 75 course rating, 148 slope rating, and a length of 6,483 meters for a par of 72.

Golf Club Forest Hills and Links National Golf Resort are resorts with 18 holes, 76 and 70 course ratings, and lengths of 6,695 and 6,723 meters respectively for pars of 72.

Raevo Golf and Country Club is an 18-hole par 72 resort type course with a total length of 6,625 meters and a course rating of 70.

All of the above have PGA Certified Trainers on staff for anyone that is trying to find the best golf lessons in your area.

Best Local Golf Stores

When you want to buy new clubs, balls, bags, apparel, or anything else shop at one of these golf pro shops near you:

Golf Pro Shop sells an extensive range of clubs, bags, shoes, gloves, accessories, balls, and simulators.

A wide range of golf balls, clubs, apparel, shoes, accessories, and range finders are available at Decathlon.

Golf Technology offers a unique range of products from Turf-Tec, Trilo, Ransomes Jacobsen, Deka, Redexim, and EZ-GO plus they can do custom club refittings, repairs, and maintenance.

A wide selection of affordable golf clubs including old and new patterns, woods, irons, balls, bags, accessories, simulators, and other items are available at MosGolfShop.

Driving Ranges & Indoor Simulators

Best golf courses Moscow driving ranges your area

If you know of any good driving ranges or indoor simulators near you outside of the ones at the top local courses we just mentioned please let us know in the comments, thanks.

Topgolf In Your Area

There is not a Topgolf in Moscow at the moment but if that changes we will let you know. If you are aware of any similar type of establishments in Russia please let us know so that we can add them to this post, thanks.

Miniature Golf Near You

Neon Golf on the 2nd floor of the SEC Riviera is a 350 square meter miniature golf course in your area with three thematic neon themed halls.

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Enjoy Golfing In Moscow

We wish we had more to share but for the time being that is all we’ve got. You read about the best public and private golf courses, local pro shops, driving ranges, practice putting greens, Topgolf, and miniature golf courses in town and should be prepared to plan your next move.

Please use the comments to let us know if we got anything wrong or if anything we posted has become dated. Now go have fun playing golf in Moscow.

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