Best Paris Golf Courses, Stores, Driving Ranges & More

Best golf courses Paris driving ranges your area

Breaking down the Paris golf scene is our only objective on this page. Courses, stores, driving ranges, Topgolf, and miniature golf in your area will all be discussed in full detail for you today.

With that said we can’t come up with a better way to get this going than by listing the best public and private golf courses near you. They are the star of the show and deserve the top billing.


After they have been covered we will move on to the best local golf stores to buy new clubs, bags, balls, tees, apparel, and whatever other gear you might need. Then we will get into Paris golf driving ranges and putting greens for when you want to get some practice in.

Our final two things to mention will be about Topgolf and miniature golf courses in the area. We suggest that you stick around for the map towards the end so that you can figure out where all these courses and other spots are located.

This is a region we have written quite a few other posts on in the past if you are interested.

Best Golf Courses In Paris

The best public and private golf courses in Paris would be:

Golf de Chantilly opened its 18-hole par 72 course which has a total length of 6,181 meters and a slope rating of 130 back in 1991.

There are three distinct courses at the Le Golf National near you which include the Los Albatros course that has 18 holes and a length of 6,649 meters for a par of 70, the El Aguila course which measures 5,776 meters and has 18 holes for par of 70, and the té El Pajarito course which only has 7 holes.

Golf De Saint Germain opened in 1922 and today this 18-hole par 72 course contains a rating of 72.5, a slope rating of 138, and 6,131 total meters for you to enjoy.

You can find two 18-hole courses with pars of 72 at Golf de Joyenval in Paris which has been around for a little over three decades. The Marly course covers 6,249 meters while the Retz course has a total length of 6,211 meters and a slope rating of 121.

Golf de Saint-Cloud has two 18-hole par 72 courses, namely the green course which opened in 1913 and boasts a course rating of 71.1 and a slope rating of 138 along with the yellow course which opened in 1930 and has a course rating of 66.6 and a slope rating of 125.

Established in 1966 the local Golf Domont Montmorency features an 18-hole course with a length of 5,774 meters, a par of 71, course rating of 71.3, and a slope rating of 140.

Two fun 18-hole par 72 courses can be found at Golf de Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche including the blue course which opened in 1959 and has a length of 6,126 meters, 73.2 course rating, and 139 slope rating and the red course which opened in 1960 and boasts a total length of 6,253 meters, 74.7 course rating, and 142 slope rating.

Golf de l’Isle Adam opened in 1995 and this fun 18-hole par 72 course in Paris has a rating of 72.4, slope rating of 131, and total length of 6,188 meters.

Since 1992 Golf Marivaux has been featuring an 18-hole course with a 138 slope rating and a total length of 6,026 meters for a par of 72.

Anyone that is searching for where to take the best golf lessons in your area would be wise to start with one of the above.

Best Local Golf Stores

When you want to buy new clubs, balls, bags, apparel, or anything else shop at one of these golf pro shops near you:

UsGolf Megastore sells high quality clubs, balls, bags, carts, accessories, apparel, and shoes.

A wide variety of services ranging from iron adjustments and sand wedges to complete bag assembly are provided at your local Golf Repair Shop.

Blvd du Golf, Wally Golf Outlet, and Golf Plus Paris Maillot are great options for clubs, balls, carts, bags, and shoes.

You can buy golf club sets in your area along with clothing, shoes, bags, balls, accessories, and other equipment at Decathlon.

Opium Paris excels at providing fine quality golf apparel and shoes.

Driving Ranges In Your Area

Best golf courses Paris driving ranges your area

If you know of any good driving ranges near you outside of your local golf courses please let us know in the comments, thanks.


We do not know of a Topgolf in Paris but if one opens up we will update this. If you know of any similar establishments to a Topgolf in the US around this city please tell us in the comments, thanks.

Miniature Golf Near You

These miniature golf courses in your area are good places to have some fun and get a little putting practice in:

There are 18 fun holes of miniature golf at Aquaboulevard.

You can find a unique miniature golf course at Parc Floral that is open from April through October and the holes are designed to be small replicas of the most visited sites in the city.

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Enjoy Golfing In Paris

We wish we had more to share but for the time being that is all we’ve got. You read about the best public and private golf courses, local pro shops, driving ranges, practice putting greens, Topgolf, and miniature golf courses in town and should be prepared to plan your next move.

Please use the comments to let us know if we got anything wrong or if anything we posted has become dated. Now go have fun playing golf in Paris.

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